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EVERGOODS X Carryology Phoenix Collection

by Wally Yip 01 Aug 2021

Exclusive Release | EVERGOODS X Carryology Phoenix Collection

One of the best EDC backpacks in the world, cranked up to 11.
Paired with one of the best EDC accessories you can be blessed to carry.
Together, they're the ultimate combination.
Introducing Carry Collab XVII:
EVERGOODS X Carryology Phoenix Collection

🇭🇰06/08 Hong Kong Time : 9:00am

🇬🇧06/08 London Time : 2:00am

🇺🇸05/08 New York Time : 9:00pm

(International shipping available)
Be quick before they fly away!




  • Volume: 24L
  • Weight: 2.9lbs (1315g)
  • Dimensions: 18.25 x 7.25 x 12in

Fit + Ergonomics

  • Integrated harness for streamlined excellent fit
  • Contoured shoulder straps and back panel
  • Asymmetrical laptop pocket allows body contour for comfortable device carry
  • Easy on body access to contents


  • Pocket layout works in vertical and horizontal positions
  • Front exterior pocket with internal organization
  • Laptop compartment with internal padded sleeve is fully suspended on all sides with -Velcro strap to protect devices up to 17” MBP and many 17 inch devices.
  • Top external 3D pocket with key leash
  • Internal 3D security pocket
  • Top and side carry handles
  • Low profile right and left bladder ports
  • Internal stretch pocket for folders or books
  • Removable, adjustable sternum strap



  • Volume: 2L
  • Weight: .5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 3.5 x 5.75 in


  • Fully padded for protection of contents
  • Angled zipper line allows for easy opening and closing
  • Adaptive internal layout


  • Top external 3D pocket with key leash
  • Internal 3D security pocket
  • Top and bottom carry handles

The Ultimate Duo, CPL + CAP

The near-perfect Civic Panel Loader 24 V2. A pack not only heralded by us, but by the gear community at large as one of the greatest EDC packs available. Paired with one of the best tech pouches on the planet – Civic Access Pouch (CAP2).
Flying high in functionality, a partnership that takes you from work to the weekend and beyond.

In Lighter, Stronger, More Awesome VX42

Many readers have requested an X-Pac CPL24 more times than we can count. We've dreamed of it ourselves. And here it is, in the darkest murdered out black we could find.
Jack and Kevin had never made a product with X-Pac before. Which is exactly the idea behind these collabs, to step out of our comfort zones. So after some testing and prototyping, we landed on the VX42 variant. It has a 420d nylon front face which is laminated to a polyester X-ply and a 50d polyester backer.
Durable, strong, lightweight, waterproof. Perfect for rising above EDC challenges.

Designed down to the finest details

These two gents don’t like to cut corners. Our signature hi-vis orange interior wouldn’t be enough. No no. Kevin requested a specific Pantone PMS color code so they could have their crazy tough 420d HT nylon 6,6 with PU coating liner fabric custom-made.
But they didn’t stop there. Kevin went ahead and had all the interior trims and fabrics custom-made and color-matched. Yes, all of them. Zipper coils, zipper tape, zipper pullers, edge binding, webbing, mesh, and the Velcro.
And the end result of all this extra work?
An absolute assault on your senses. You can almost taste how shockingly bold it is. This is the brightest, most hi-vis orange interior we’ve ever done, excessively matched and complete, because the details matter.

Built for any weather, rain, hail or shine

Waterproof exterior X-Pac fabric means some additional upgrades are necessary. YKK’s reverse coil #10 come standard on the standard-issue CPL pack and thanks to their water-resistant DWR finish, they do great at keeping the rain out.
But… well… collab, right?
We hit up our friends at YKK and selected their beefiest water-resistant zipper, the #10 AquaGuard reverse coil. The PU tape on these zippers shakes off a heavy downpour without flinching. Plus, they’re buttery smooth and a pleasure to use.

Laser-cut Hypalon for hand-feel

Speaking of zippers, EVERGOODS use really nice fabric knotted zipper pullers on all their carry products. They work well and they have a unique look. We experimented with some off-the-shelf options as well as some custom options. But ultimately we liked the existing design for the reasons just mentioned.
So how do we upgrade? Well, we selected Hypalon, a classic favorite material. And then we cut them to shape… with lasers. The same design, but laser-cut Hypalon. That thick durable coating gives a great tactical experience, easy to grab with or without gloves, and it’s extra-durable for thousands and thousands of accesses to your gear.

Flaming Morale by our Founder

A professional illustrator and a co-founder of Carryology itself, the legendary Hadrien Monloup was commissioned to create the EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix artwork (now his 4th collaboration project artwork). And of course, he delivered the heat in molded “3D” silicone rubber.
One patch is included with each CPL24 backpack sold, which is the only way to get your hands on this killer collectible patch. It will never be sold individually.

Pure Madness, for the Collectors

In our humble opinion, together we just created the ultimate EDC combination of pack and pouch. It was everything we had dreamed of. Well, apparently, we could ask for one more thing. What if… we offered one more colorway?
Just to do something completely insane. Something EVERGOODS would never do without this partnership. Something to stoke and delight you guys, our readers.
An EVERGOODS x Carryology blaze orange CPL24 and a blaze orange CAP2. Eye-piercing fire orange Dimension-Polyant RVX25 X-Pac on the outside, eye-piercing 420d orange on the inside.
It generates the light of the sun!
For those insane folks who want to burn the retinas out of everyone in their general vicinity, you can try to capture one of these fiery blaze orange on orange Phoenix CPL24s and CAP2s.
Be aware, these are exceptionally rare. The EVERGOODS team asked the factory to make a bunch and they politely declined. Then they asked them to make a smaller quantity and they also declined. Then we all begged the factory if they would make ANY AT ALL... and they barely agreed. These are incredibly low quantity because that is all the factory produced for us. We wished for lots and we got a small handful. Like hunting mythical beasts, it requires great timing, skill, and probably a lot of luck.

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