Silicone Sleeve
The Silicone Sleeve adds personality to your memobottle while protecting it from life’s little bumps and bruises. With a smooth matte finish and added thermal insulation, they are the perfect example of form meets function. The Silicone Sleeve fits the...
TKWide Cap
Café Cap DETAILS Our leak proof TKWide Café Cap turns any TKWide insulated bottle into an instant to-go coffee mug. The TKWide Café Cap features low profile design, easy-carry swivel loop handle and easy to disassemble construction that is dishwasher...
Removable Water Bottle Pocket
Removable Water Bottle Pocket The REMOVABLE BOTTLE POCKET mounts to the waist belt of our packs and will accommodate most water bottles. The key to staying hydrated. Staying hydrated is key to feeling your best in the mountains or on...
Lid Pack including: 2 Lids The memo-lid packs allow you to customise your memobottle™ in a way that suits you as an individual. Each memo-lid is equipped with a durable and reliable seal made from the highest quality materials, ensuring...
Flip™ bottle/utility pouch
Flip™ bottle/utility pouch A classic size/format flapped pouch initially developed for carrying water-bottles, ours adds a fast-access but secure draw-string gusset, and accordean front- pocket so it can do more. Now even loose items will be secure inside and modern...
Classic Cap
Stainless Unibody Bamboo Cap DETAILS Created from a single piece of 18/8 stainless steel, this unibody cap design creates a 100% stainless environment, so your drinks never touch plastic. The top is beautifully finished with sustainably harvested bamboo. Compatible with...
ECO Pet Bottle Holder
Chums PET bottle case (drink holder) for going out Uses high-strength and highly durable cordura eco-made material. The inside is made of aluminum, the strap is removable, and a carabiner is included. The CHUMS logo accents the colorful variations, making...
Modular Water Bottle Holder
DESCRIPTION Designed to add water bottle carry capability to all Black Ember packs. Compatible with bottles with a diameter no larger than 3 inches, or 75mm. Not recommended for bottles taller than 11inches, or 280 mm. Compatible with the following:...
Leather Lanyard
Leather Lanyard The genuine grain leather lanyard provides your memobottle™ with the freedom it deserves, allowing you to get on with your day, handsfree. The lanyard fits all memobottle™ sizes and is created from double layered leather with quality stitching...
Steel Straws - 4 Pack (for Pints and Tumblers)
Details Americans use 500 million straws every day. We developed the Klean Kanteen 5 Piece Stainless Steel Straw Set as a reusable solution to disposable plastic straws and an ideal accessory for our 16oz or 20oz Insulated Tumblers and Steel...
Straw Lid Set (for Pints and Tumblers)
DETAILS We developed the Klean Kanteen Straw Lid as the perfect accessory for our 16oz or 20oz Insulated Tumblers and Steel Pint Cups and to save the planet from plastic straw waste. Great for smoothies, pressed juice, or iced coffee,...
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Traveler® Drink Holster
TRAVELER® DRINK HOLSTER The Traveler offers a hands-free beverage holding solution that's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, tailgaters, grill-masters, and anyone who wants to use their hands while carrying their favorite drink.   PRODUCT INFORMATION Whether you're casting a line,...
Vegan Sleeve
The premium Vegan Sleeve will enable you to preserve your memobottle™ while adding a touch of designer personality. The Vegan Sleeve provides insulation for your memobottle, and with quality stitching and treated edging, will fit your memobottle like a glove....
Leather Sleeve
The genuine grain leather sleeve will stand the test of time and improve with age, enabling you to preserve your memobottle™ while adding a touch of designer personality. The leather sleeve provides insulation for your memobottle, and with quality stitching...
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