Multitool M.100
Built for you, for anytime and anyplace The Tactica M100 adapts to your needs and ensures you have the tools to tackle any chal- lenges. The internal storage compartment allows you to pick and choose the tools you might need...
the Stilwell
Macro Performance in a Micro Package. It’s always good to have a pen handy; it’s a fundamental piece of EDC gear. But sometimes a full-size pen doesn’t fit with your everyday carry. That’s why TJB created the Stilwell; our take...
from HK$850.00
DETAILS This carabiner is a great way to carry your keys, strap a water bottle to your pack, or the doggie bags to the leash. Whatever the stowage need, this is your clip. It also doubles as a bottle opener...
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the Carter
from HK$1,390.00
the Carter
Our most advanced everyday-carry knife. With the Carter you get both brawn and beauty. Featuring a slide-lock mechanism, a corrosion-resistant VG-10 stainless steel blade, fully-profiled G10 or Micarta scales and a deep-carry, reversible pocket clip, the Carter is the most...
from HK$1,390.00
A knife, tweezers, file, spring-action scissors and more packed into a 1.8 oz. keychain-sized multi-tool. DETAILS The Leatherman Micra is our most popular mini-tool with anglers, hobbyists and those who can appreciate the best spring-action scissors around. Personal care features...
FREE™ T2 Stainless Steel ( Made in USA🇺🇸 )
An EDC multipurpose tool built for every hand. DETAILS The most compact offering in the FREE™ family, the T2 is small but mighty. At just 3.3 ounces, it fits easily in your pocket or purse, but punches well above its...
James° × Carryology - The Rover Capsule
The ultimate EDC for life on the road. Born from the Community. We are super excited to introduce the Rover capsule collection; the outcome of our first collaboration with our friends at Carryology. Driven by direct feedback from our consumers...
FREE™ P4 Stainless Steel ( Made in USA🇺🇸 )
Say hello to the most advanced multipurpose tool ever made. DETAILS A more robust version of the P2, the P4 also includes a saw and 420HC serrated knife so you’re prepared for every job. Even with 21 tools, it weighs...
DETAILS The Bit Kit Set expands your bit driver’s capabilities with 21 double-ended bits—42 tools in all. Use the Bit Kit with all tools and knives with bit drivers and the Removable Bit Driver accessory. Eyeglass screwdriver compatible with Wave...
Camping Tool Card M.020 ( Preorder )
Ready when you are The M020 is the perfect companion for the campsite, designed to help with set up, pack down and anything in between. Start a fire with the removable ferro-rod, remove stubborn tent-pegs with the in-built puller, or...
Hex Drive Toolkit M.250
Extend your reach The Tactica M250 delivers all your driving needs with 12 unique hex bits and a 50mm hex bit extender, all in an ultra compact size. Perfect to get to those hard to reach places. The M250 comes...
the Holcombe
Our most minimal two-compartment carry solution. Our most minimal carabiner. The smaller, smarter carabiner for everyday carry. Make your nice denim look even nicer. Designed to be precisely one belt-loop wide, the Holcombe comes in a slim form that hangs...
from HK$450.00
the Hardin
The Forged Carabiner for your Every Day. The it's time to replace that overbuilt climbing carabiner on your hip. The Hardin is our new drop-forged carabiner with a modern aesthetic and a solid construction that will keep your keys and...
the Elko
Minimal form, maximum utility. Maximum utility in our most minimal package. The Elko comes equipped with a fully capable yet compact stainless steel blade and a pry bar that doubles as a key ring, bottle opener, screwdriver and pry tool...
from HK$850.00
the Ellis
Minimal form, maximum use A daily workhorse. Multiple Tools for Maximum In-Pocket Functionality The Ellis uses a lockback design so that you can do real work with a tool that locks; no more busted knuckles turning screws. Other features include...
DETAILS Extend your reach with the Bit Driver Extension tool. Fits into the bit holder on any Leatherman knife or tool and accepts all Leatherman bits, as well as all standard 1/4" hex bits. WORKS WITH Charge®+ TTi MUT® MUT®...
the Mehlville
An entirely fresh take on an EDC staple, the carabiner. The carabiner reimagined. The Mehlville was created from scratch to stand apart from any other carabiner on the market. A dual compartment construction securely locks keys into place while the...
from HK$600.00
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the Halifax
Minimal footprint, multi-purpose. Exceptionally detailed, highly functional. The Halifax is a light and functional everyday carry object with a flat or Phillips head combo screwdriver, integrated bottle opener, and all-things scraper. The Halifax is deceivingly simple, yet packs a punch....
the Cache River
Because everyday carry means more than just your pocket knife. Turn Better, Fix More. Let’s face facts: one of the tools that you reach for a lot is a screwdriver. But a good screwdriver/bit driver is often hard to come...
from HK$1,005.00
One hand operates everything on this multi-tool including the strap cutter, oxygen tank wrench and more. DETAILS For years multi-tool users could choose from two distinct options when it came to a "one-hand-operable" multi-tool: one-hand-opening pliers OR one-hand-opening blades. Today,...
from HK$1,005.00
DETAILS MUT Bit Kit for the MUT and MUT EOD tools. This kit includes three loose double-ended bits: Long Phillips #2 and 1/4" Screwdriver Long Torx #15 and Hex 7/64" Short Phillips #1-2 and Screwdriver 3/ 16 inch NOTE: These...
Bottle Opener X.010 ( Preorder )
Let the drinks flow Give your drink the opener it deserves. Designed for professional work behind the bar, the X.10 marries durable stainless steel, extended leverage and an optimised chisel for an unparalleled drinking experience. Weighing in at a solid...
Credit Tool Card M.010
Ready when you are The M010 Credit Tool Card is equipped to tackle any task that comes your way, with 25 functions built into its tough, compact frame. It’s design features an ergonomic body with no exposed cutting edges -...
Bike Multitool M.110
Get out there The M110’s tire levers are an essential bit of kit for when you need to change your tires when out and about. Super-strong and anti-scratch to prevent accidental damage to your bike frame. Attached to our flagship...
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