Travel Tripod

 PRO PERFORMANCE Deploys to 60in and has a 20lb weight capacity. Built for use with full frame DSLRs and telephoto lenses. STABLE + STIFF 3rd party testing shows that the Peak Design Travel Tripod performs as well, if not...
Mobile Tripod
Ultra-compact magnetic phone tripod with articulating ballhead. Designed by a team of award-winning tripod engineers, the Mobile Tripod is a precision-machined, buttery-smooth tripod for the camera you carry with you everywhere: your phone. Ultra-portable and pocket-friendly, it packs down to...
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Mantispod Vlogging Tripod
7 modes to capture every angle of your life (Extended Mode, Lowered View Mode, Elevated Tripod Mode, Mantis Mode, Mobile Vlogging Mode, Vertical Shooting Mode, Handheld Mode). Mantis mode let you hang the tripod from any surface to capture every...
Tripod Tool Kit
Replacement tools to do anything you need to your Travel Tripod. Includes Folding Hex Wrench, Folding Hex Wrench leg clip, and bushing removal tool—all the tools you need to adjust and maintain your tripod. The tools in this kit are used...
VACUUM Mini Tripod Base
stable tripod and selfie stick in one extendable telescopic arm VACUUM head fits standard ¼ inch threads ball head for optimal position of the smartphone No interference with the electronics Suitable for all VACUUM cases VACUUM mini tripod base VACUUM-MAGNETIC...
Ultralight Conversion Kit
ULTRALIGHT CONVERSION KIT Quickly convert the Travel Tripod into an ultralight tabletop-sized tripod, ideal for backpacking and other times when weight is of the essence. This kit contains 3 lightweight rugged plastic foot plugs that easily install in place of...
Spike Feet Set
SPIKE FEET SET Achieve superior stability and grip with the Travel Tripod when shooting on slippery or loose terrain. Ideal for using the Travel Tripod on ice, smooth rocks, and loose dirt or gravel. Also great when using the Travel...
Universal Head Adapter
UNIVERSAL HEAD ADAPTER Use Travel Tripod's ultra-compact legs with any standard 3rd party tripod head. Ideal for users who require special tripod head functionality like fluid pan and tilt for video. Simply replace the Compact Ball Head with the Universal...
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