Classic Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask
“Retro.” “Classic.” Iconic.” “Sexy.” We don’t care what you call it, all we know is that this sturdy flask has your back and never lets you down -- unless of course, it’s empty. Meet your new best friend. SPECS: Weight:...
from HK$360.00
Classic Legendary Camp Mug 12oz (351ml)
1.5 HOURS HOT | 3 HOURS COLD | 15 HOURS ICED There’s a reason we call this mug Legendary. It’s made tough with Stanley’s double-wall vacuum insulation, so your favorite drinks stay hot or cold longer. The secure press-fit Tritan™...
Classic Legendary Bottle
1.1QT (1L) 24 HOURS HOT | 24 HOURS COLD | 5 DAYS ICED The stainless steel manufactured vacuum bottle with a protective hammer finish. Holds up to 24 hours hot or cold drinks. The side-mounted plastic carrying handle provides for...
from HK$480.00
Master Unbreakable Hip Flask 8oz (236ml)
Holy crow, you see this sexy hooch-hauler? Cold-rolled steel, finished in the perfect Foundry black powdercoat. Its tool-styled finished cap was crafted with internal threads for a smooth lip land with every swig. Picking up what we’re putting down? No?...
Go Insulated Vacuum Bottle
12.5oz (380ml) 5 HRS HOT | 6 HRS COLD | 30 HRS ICED Pure, clean-tasting beverages at max capacity. It features 18/8 stainless steel, and a insulated steel-lined lid. It's leak proof and fully packable. The silicone footpad stays quiet...
from HK$410.00
Classic Twinlock™ Travel Mug
16oz (473ml) 4 HRS HOT | 5 HRS COLD | 20 HRS ICED Love taking that coffee or water with you on the go but hate the idea of a bag full of drenched stuff? Stanley's got you covered. The...
from HK$350.00
Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler 16oz (473ml)
4 HOURS HOT | 5 HOURS COLD | 16 HOURS ICED Adventure doesn’t have to be paddling the rapids down a whitewater junction or repelling yourself down a rocky cliff face. Sometimes, adventure is waking up early to brave the...
Adventure Steel Canteen 1L
1 HOURS COLD | 3 HOURS ICED The Stanley Adventure Steel canteen with 1 L capacity is a real highlight among the well-known as the field bottles bottles. Made of stainless steel 18/8 Stainless Steel and with an excellent locking...
Classic Travel Mug French Press 16oz (473ml)
4 HRS HOT | 5 HRS COLD | 20 HRS ICED Got to have your French press coffee but can't sit still long enough to savor it? Meet your match. Enjoy the taste of your own French pressed coffee made...
Mountain Vacuum Switchback Mug
12oz (350ml) 5 HRS HOT | 7 HRS COLD | 24 HRS ICED This mug’s got all the bells and whistles, making it the perfect “never let you down” companion for conquering the mountain that’s been talking all that smack....
from HK$390.00
Adventure Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle
25oz (0.73L) 20HRS HOT | 20HRS COLD | 3.75DAYS ICED Sleek, packable and portable, the Adventure is a bullet aimed at boring outings. Hot, cold, the Adventure don't care. Fill, screw it tight, and toss the Adventure in your bag,...
from HK$450.00
Adventure Stacking Pint 16oz (473ml)
ADVENTURE STACKING VACCUM PINT 45 MINS HOT | 4 HRS COLD | 15 HRS ICED Those stackable, disposable red plastic cups may be good for a game of flipcup or beer pong, but not much else. If you’re looking for...
from HK$210.00
Adventure Shortstack Travel Mug 8oz (236ml)
3 HOURS HOT | 4 HOURS COLD | 16 HOURS ICED Affectionately known around the Stanley HQ as the ‘ShortStack’, this little sucker’s diminutive stature means it’s got something to prove. Luckily, it makes its case boldly: leak-proof and insulated...
Classic Legendary Vacuum Bottle 20oz (591ml)
20 HRS HOT | 24 HRS COLD | 4 ICED Look, it's science: smaller bottles make your hands seem bigger. In addition to making your hands — whatever their size — look fantastic, this rugged little tank of a bottle...
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Adventure Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker Set
Slimmed down but still a smooth operator. Campfire cocktails, mid-hike martinis, and Sunday sours at home -- all made possible with the help of the Stanley Adventure Happy Hour 2x System. Just because you’re hitting the trail doesn’t mean you...
Master Unbreakable Packable Mug 18oz (532ml)
12 HOURS HOT | 16 HOURS COLD | 2 DAYS ICED “Heavy duty” doesn’t even begin to cover it. If you need a mug that can chew up a quarter and spit out dimes and nickels, this fully leak proof...
Adventure All-In-One Two Bowl Cookset 1.5L
Your dinner is waiting, wherever you plan to be. Take this cookset backpacking, fishing, or car camping to whip up your favorite meals without having to lug around heavy cookware. Two generously-sized bowls hold everything from your morning oatmeal to...
Master Unbreakable Thermal Bottle
25oz (0.75L) 27 HRS HOT | 27 HRS COLD | 4 DAYS ICED We could throw around words like “unrivaled” and “peak performance” but let’s cut the crap: You’re looking for the seriously most badass, tough-as-nails bottle that’ll keep your...
from HK$880.00
Adventure Stay Hot Camp Vacuum Crock 3QT (2.8L)
12 HRS HOT | 16 HRS COLD Fill it, pack it, and take it on the road to Adventure. This durable camp crock is leakproof, vacuum insulated and easily perfect for soups, pasta, BBQ or whatever you need to keep...
Classic Camp Mug & Pour Over Set 12oz (351ml)
In the backcountry or your own backyard, brewing the perfect cup of piping hot coffee doesn’t get any easier than this. Our durable, stainless steel set has all the tools you need. An easy-to-clean reusable filter means you can skip...
Master Unbreakable Vacuum Bottle
22oz (0.65L) 18 HRS HOT | 18 HRS COLD | 3 DAYS ICED You’ll never want to drink water out of anything else, ever again. I mean, look at this guy. 22oz of Quadvac insulation, keeping your water or tasty...
from HK$880.00
Go Tumbler With Ceramivac™ 16oz (473ml)
4 HRS HOT | 7 HRS COLD | 30 HRS ICED Armed with a double-wall of smooth-fired ceramic finish over stainless steel, this guy over here is the pinnacle of on-the-go beverage enjoyment. We’re talking 100% BPA-Free with the utmost...
Go Bottle With Ceramivac™ 16oz (473ml)
6 HRS HOT | 8 HRS COLD | 35 HRS ICED We're stepping it up for all of you on-the-go types with the new face of canteens. Featuring a smooth-fired, BPA-free ceramic finish over a stainless steel build so you...
Classic Vacuum Bottle 24oz (0.7L)
20 HRS HOT | 20 HRS COLD | 100 HRS ICED This rugged little tank of a bottle is built to withstand anything—dings, dents and even drops—all while preserving the thermal integrity of your favorite beverage. It’s slim so you...
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