Aer SS20 Work Collection, What's new ? Part 1 Day Pack 2 vs Day Pack.


As many people maybe aware of, the San Francisco Backpack company Aer just announced their update on one of their best selling series, the Work Collection. Many of the best selling products has an update, namely Day Pack 2 , Tech Pack 2. Many people maybe wondering what the upgrades are ? So we've decided to made a quick review on what has been updated.


The very first impression when we compare both versions of the Day pack side by side , it is very easy to notice that the Gen 2 of the Day Pack seems to have a shorter height ( 3cm ) when comparing to the Gen 1. 

Aer Day Pack 2 has added a new feature , one that many people have had requested, the water bottle compartment. We've tested it with a 12Oz Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide Bottle and 16Oz Stanley Trigger Action Bottle and it holds both of the bottle pretty well.

Another Feature i really love , it was one of those feature i really wished the Day Pack had, the luggage insert, being a frequent traveller , i always wished my pack had a luggage insert so i can just slide it on the handle of my wheelie.

Day Pack 2 ( Quick-access top pocket with soft lining)

Gen 1 Day Pack ( Quick-access top pocket)
Day Pack 2 ( Laptop Compartment with soft lining)
Day Pack 2 ( Laptop Compartment )


Lining : Aer also upgraded the lining of the compartments, Gen 1 was using a nylon lining only , which may scratch the surface of your sunglasses / Macbook , with Day Pack 2 , Soft lining was used to replace the nylon lining used in Gen 1, so you don't have to worry about scratches anymore, it also make it less "slippery" when you slide down your laptop , preventing impact on your laptop as you place your laptop inside the compartment.

The Inner lining of the Day Pack 2 actually changed in terms of the material too. The Day Pack 2 lining is still nylon, but not having the reflective appeal like how it used to anymore. But compartment Wise, they looked exactly the same.

Overall the Day Pack 2 had quite some updates with the features, for me its a lot of small details that matters when you needed it. Aer seems to be listening to the users experience, a lot of the changes are what a lot of customers has been requesting for. If the water bottle feature has been withholding your purchasing decision, or if you've purchased your Tech Pack because of that but you've always wanted the smaller version of the Tech Pack that has luggage insert and bottle compartment, perhaps its time for you to think it over again ! 

Last but not least, thats me 178cm 200lb on a Day Pack 2 for your reference :


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