With room for sustainment gear, extra ammo, IFAKs and all manner of tactical radios, our 3 DAY ASSAULT PACK was designed to be the last word in every day carry. MOLLE webbing on the sides and inside back panel gives you options to expand. Side compression straps minimize bulk when not fully loaded.

Mystery Ranch 設計3 Day Assault的目標是將突襲背包做到極致。它充裕的空間足以容納補給品、彈藥、IFAKs(進階醫藥箱)以及各類戰略無線電。3Zip特有設計讓使用者能輕鬆一扯就能攤開整個背包。側邊及內部設有PALS配件掛載系統,提供使用者有掛載多種相容配件的選擇。背包兩側的織帶能在背包未裝滿時,能夠拉緊以壓縮背包體積。在攜帶如M4s、瞄準裝置或腳架等長形配備時,讓軍方使用同時能夠確保配備固定不移位,3 Day Assault背包在狩獵及野戰警察部隊也廣受歡迎.

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