Personal Shade
Personal Shade delivers protection from sun with a intelligent and minimal design that makes function beautiful. PORTABLE SHADE Perfect for beach trips or  taking in soccer games at the park. INSTANT CHAIR CANOPY The  SPF 50+ ripstop nylon canopy shields...
Chair Two
Chair Two
CHAIR TWO Our lightest, most compact high-back chair is ready for anything. Delivering support, packability, and comfort, Chair Two is the perfect companion for music festivals, car camping trips, picnics in the park, even backpacking. Light and strong, Chair Two...
Chair One
CHAIR ONE The original icon of lightweight design, Chair One is our most versatile lightweight chair – you’ll want to take it everywhere! Our original chair is the ultimate combination of comfort, lightweight packability and refined design. Chair One's comfort...
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Chair Zero
CHAIR ZERO Packing smaller than a water bottle, Chair Zero is exceptionally light and compact, yet delivers impressive support and strength. Its advanced materials, disciplined design, and innovative construction hit the precise balance of minimalism and comfort. This is our...
Savanna Chair
SAVANNA CHAIR Savanna Chair's advanced design features a high back and wider seat for optimum R&R.Sitting higher off the ground, it also features a tall back and wide seat designed for maximum R&R. Savanna Chair is one of the most...
Sunset Chair
The Sunset is built with a high back for increased support and longer legs so you sit higher off the ground. Sunset Chair's compact carry sack converts to a neck pillow (on some variants) for added comfort when it’s time...
Daisy Chain
DAISY CHAIN Daisy Chain's sturdy loops keep lanterns, leashes, water bottles, wet towels, and other camp essentials organized and off the ground. 1.5 - 2.5 - SPECIFICATIONS Assembled- Dimensions: 250 x 2.5 cm / 98.41 x 1 in Weight: 57g...
Royal Box Shade
ROYAL BOX The Royal Box is a sleek, luxurious way to shield yourself from the sun. COVERAGE WITH A VIEW Royal Box is designed for maximum viewing and optimum coverage. With a durable ripstop nylon canopy that can be rolled...
Vibram Ball Feet (Set of 4)
Increase the footprint of your chair in soft ground to help resist sinking. Ball Feet are an easier-to-clean alternative to Ground Sheets when conditions are muddy or wet. Sold as a set of four. Get a more stable seat with...
Cup Holder
CUP HOLDER Simple and versatile design easily and securely attaches to virtually any Helinox chair. ** However it Is NOT compatible with Chair One XL *Helinox products are shipped locally only.
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Umbrella One Keep the rain and rays off your noggin with the UMBRELLA ONE. Featuring a simple button-free operation, the canopy slides open in a breeze and protects from both rain & UV (up to UPF 25). The DAC alloy...
Table One
Table One
Exceptionally versatile, light, and packable, our original table is the result of thoughtful, purpose-driven design. Durable and utilitarian, this is the essential camp table. At less than two pounds, packing smaller than a loaf of bread, and sized to work...
Saddle Bag
SADDLE BAGS SPECIFAICATIONS Dimensions: 22 x 2 x 42 cm / 8.6 x 0.8 16.5 in Weight: 100g / 3.5oz *Helinox products are shipped locally only.
Origami Tote
The Origami Tote is a foldable carrying bag and offers space for up to four Helinox chairs or tables. It is more than just a bag: once you have reached your destination, the origami tote can be transformed into a...
Storage Box
Versatile, and incredibly useful, Helinox Storage Boxes securely fasten to Helinox chairs and tables for secure, instantly accessible storage. There’s no end to what you can use them for. Stash little things like keys, phone, and wallet. Size up for...
Rocking Foot
ROCKING FEET ONE Turn your Chair One into a rocking experience. Simply attach the Rocking feet to the bottom of your chair legs and transform your seat into a rocking chair. The Rocking Feet accessory even comes with its own...
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Chair Zero High-Back
LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE CAMPING CHAIR Maximum comfort with minimum weight, that's what the Camping Chair Zero High Back from Helinox delivers! Its high backrest offers you plenty of support to relax. The frame is stable and resilient, plus the chair can be stowed away in...
Shoulder Strap & Pouch
SHOULDER STRAP & POUCH Shoulder Strap & Pouch simply clips to almost any Helinox carry bag for a hands-free chair, cot or table transport. The Shoulder Strap and Pouch is a small bag on a wide, adjustable shoulder strap ....
Tactical Chair One
Tactical Chair One, based on the original Chair One, is the epitome of comfort and lightweight packability, combined with the strength and durability of the military-inspired line. DURABILITY A rugged, utilitarian inspired collection of products designed to meet the needs...
Classic Duffle
Function is beautiful. This duffle is space efficient, durable and easy to access – a genuinely thoughtful design. Travel with it – it carries on – or pile in your gear for camping, road trips, trips to the beach. Made...
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Beach Chair
BEACH CHAIR Sometimes life requires a day at the beach. Here’s the chair for that. Helinox created Beach Chair by taking the Sunset Chair frame and adding splayed legs that help prevent sinking into sand or soft ground. Durable, compact...
Chair Rubber Feet Replacement
Chair One Rubber Feet Replacement (SET OF 4) for Chair One, Chair Two or Chair One L. Chair One Mini Rubber Feet Replacement (SET OF 2) Pair of replacement feet for the Chair One Mini Chair Zero Rubber Feet Replacement...
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Chair One Mini
CHAIR ONE MINI What if Chair One was scaled down to provide just the essentials – a stable base for your rear end, some lower back support and a little side cushioning? The result is Chair One Mini. A ridiculously...
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Playa Chair
PLAYA CHAIR Sit back and relax. Extra wide, 36.5 inches tall, and contoured for support, Playa Chair is a hyper-comfortable travel chair that handles any terrain. Its roomy seat supports your neck, back, and shoulders, and the frame’s unique splayed...
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