2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch最新的版本2 DAY,延續了經典3 Day Assault的美學,是您日常城市生活任務中縮小版的3-DAP。 其標誌性的3-Zip設計讓您可隨時存取物品到包內。 MYSTERY RANCH的2-Day是以超級成功的3-Day Assault Pack為藍本。新的2-DAY是非軍事愛好者的縮小選項,擁有適合穿梭於城市之間日常生活的尺寸和功能。 包裝的側面和後面擁有足夠多的MOLLE,以收納不論是從外置閃光口袋附件到城市生活必需品等不同的物品。 所有的間隔都是您在3-DAP中所期望看到的,譬如完整的移動電腦套等,實現您非好鬥的生活方式。  FEATURES Two zippered lid pockets VELCRO® pile on top of lid for morale patches Interior dump pockets Adjustable yoke Main compartment and side zip access to floating, padded...
1 Day Assault ( Made in USA🇺🇸 )
For the shortest of missions, the 1 Day Assault is our smallest assault pack. Its 3-ZIP design allows quick access to the bag’s interior and can easily carry a radio. Inside are multiple hydration configuration options     Features 3-ZIP...
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Komodo Dragon Backpack ( Made in USA🇺🇸 )
Mid-sized assault pack for extended missions. The KOMODO DRAGON is a slightly larger version of our 3 Day Assault for extended time in the field or chronic over-packers. The KOMODO DRAGON uses the Futura yoke to adjust to different torso...
3 Day Assault CL ( Made in USA🇺🇸 )
3 Day Assault CL "Born in the USA," this classic, mountain daypack - inspired by our hugely popular military rucksack – is also built in the USA. It's a versatile daypack, ideal for multiple uses.   A dynamic mountain daypack...
ASAP Pack ( Made in USA🇺🇸 )
The ASAP is a lightweight assault pack with our signature 3-ZIP design. It's size and versatility make it a perfect every day carry. Compact assault pack for everyday carry. For the shortest of missions, the ASAP is our smallest assault...
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3 Day Assault BVS ( Made in USA🇺🇸 )
3 Day Assault BVS Our 3 DAY ASSAULT PACK has room for sustainment gear, ammo, IFAKs and tactical radios. For versatility and mobility, there's nothing better. The original 3 DAY ASSAULT PACK. We've taken the classic design of the 3...
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